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Message from General Manager/ Mr. Khalid Mohammed Almatari:

Dear our website Browsers..
On behalf of myself and on behalf of the team at Almatari Pioneer Trading Co., Ltd I welcome you to our new website, which we have sought to launch to communicate with you always wherever you are.
The website has been created in its new form to include a full explanation of our products and activities which enables our valued customers to communicate with us easily, safely and at all times and from any where.
We sought Allah’s help to achieve our goals, which we mention as follows:
1) We have maintained the quality offered to our customers.
2) We offered our customers high quality products for the best prices.
3) We have built a strong management team with an effective skill.
4) We served the community in our belief in our social responsibility.
5) We respect the individual initiatives of our employees and offer them opportunities for growth.
6) We achieve growth and profit as a means to achieve other goals and values of our company.
7) We are trying to dominate the market in our field and other areas to come.